Storage Research – Your Help is Needed!

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Right now, I’m doing some research regarding client-side storage on mobile devices. But for that, I need your help!

Please grab all phones you have and navigate to

There are four tiny tests there. Please do them all and report your results for each phone. If you like, include your twitter handle so I can say thank you!

Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks a ton!!

7 Responses to Storage Research – Your Help is Needed!

  1. Report:
    webOS 1.4.5 @ Palm Pre

    1. nothing happends
    2. limit reached at 2560 kb
    3. “failed to open database”
    4. “failed to open database”

    Doesn’t look good :(

  2. @Peter

    Thanks for testing!

    Well, not *too* bad, at least there’s localStorage implemented :)

  3. Moto Milestone, Android 2.1, KHTML Browser

    – Test SQ fieldsize: up to 1024 kb o.k., then very slow. Start of first insertion error depends on how much storage is allready in use. If -> Website settings -> Clear data then one has more storage capability
    – SQ Limits: If storage cleared before, up to 10 MB … then system error notification. If not cleared but full, error msg takes like 30 seconds to appear and no storage happens.
    – Local storage, up to nearly 10MB, then browser crashes.
    – Local events seems to work ok as far as there is enough storage space free and as long as one doesnt refresh the page, then things get whacky

    Hope this helps, would be very interested to see overall test results, regards Ringo

  4. @Ringo

    Yes, this helps indeed, thanks a lot!

    The results, including desktop browser’s results, will be published here – though I don’t think I’ll be able to do so before JSConf end of the month.

  5. Report:
    HTC Desire running Android 2.2

    1. nothing happends
    2. limit reached at 2048 kb
    3. Works. Tested for 5 chunks (2560 KB).
    4. Works. Tested for 5 chunks (1280 KB).

  6. iPhone 3GS.

    1. Nothing happens.
    2. Limit reached on saving 2560kb. Stored 2048.
    3. Fails on #49, and iPhone asks for storing more than 5MB and 25MB.
    4. Works for 8064 kb and I was too lazy to tap more… :P

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