I am a freelance JavaScript developer with more than 10 years of professional experience in Front-End-Development, during which I have built web applications for world’s leading businesses in varying industries, ranging from the IT sector over network carriers to content publishers and mobile device manufacturers.

I love cutting edge technologies and challenges – I’ve built well performing magazine readers for the very first Android and WebOS tablet prototypes and rendered whole levels of a PC game in a browser. In my free time, I experiment a lot with new and upcoming HTML5 APIs.

Why JavaScript?

I’ve been enjoying building web applications for some years now, and still JavaScript hasn’t reached it’s peak of importance yet. However, it is the only language that runs on every modern computer, telephone or smart tv – and sometimes even on robots and cars. Even though the latter was not in view in 2005, JavaScript was already the language that was powering the web. Well, besides Perl, but I liked JavaScript way more than Perl and so I decided to earn my living with what I loved to do: Creating things with HTML and JavaScript.

Open Source Activities

I make all of my Open Source work publicly available on GitHub. There are experimental projects there, such as CSS-Shader, but also projects to be used in production, like IDBWrapper, a cross browser wrapper for the HTML5 offline storage API. For a presentation of selected projects and experiments please see the projects page.

You can also find my work in Open Source Projects that are not listed on my GitHub account: I am a Dojo Toolkit committer, for which I made the offline storage providers. For the animation framework BonsaiJS I was as project lead responsible for the API design. I also led and maintained the EmbedJS Toolkit, a JavaScript framework under the umbrella of the Dojo Foundation targeted at mobile devices (back from the time when they didn’t have quad core processors and several GBs of RAM).


I enjoy giving presentations. Here’s two examples of me speaking: a talk about client side storage (JSConf 2010, large audience, english) and a talk on BikeshedJS – the former name of BonsaiJS (CologneJS 2012, small audience, german).

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