I can help you deliver high quality web applications on time.

Every project has a deployment schedule. And every project has quality expectations to meet. The first is visible to the client’s management, the latter is visible to the client’s sales team. However, project management needs to ensure both are fulfilled. If your project is starting to misbalance towards one side I can help you get the scales back in balance – I can guide your team in making the right decisions, but I can also just join in to get the job done, on time. Preferably, however, you reach out to me before things go awry .

How I work

My office is located in Bonn/Cologne, Germany. This is where I work from, and I connect to the team I work with using communication tools like Skype, Campfire, Flowdock or even Google Hangouts – whatever your team uses to efficiently communicate, I can use it, too.

The code I write is submitted using the version control software of your choice, though I highly prefer git over any other system.

I strongly believe in testing and have experience with various testing frameworks. If your project schedule does not contain time for writing tests, that’s ok with me, but I’d love to talk about that.

Agile project management is common these days, and I am in favor of it and have successfully worked with vastly different interpretations of SCRUM.


As I usually work under an NDA, I cannot talk about the majority of my work. However, I have helped world’s leading businesses from varying industries build successful web applications – chances are that I can help you, too.

If you want to see some code I’ve written or some architecture I designed, please see my Open Source contributions like BonsaiJS, where I was responsible as project lead for the API design, or IDBWrapper, the leading wrapper around the state of art HTML5 offline storage API. An overview of my Open Source work and the respective source code can be found on my GitHub profile. Or, for a shortcut to a presentation of selected projects and experiments, please see the projects page.

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