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A collapsible fieldset as dojo widget

Though many people would disagree, I for one like to use fieldsets to structure complex forms. Even better do I like fieldsets that are collapsible. As there is no such fieldset with dojo, I decided to write my own widget. While doing so, I learnt an interesting lesson… First, I wrote it pretty simple, inheriting
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Safari and – How to do it

There is still some traffic coming in from people who are searching for how to deal with the safari popup blocker. So I thought it might be nice to also tell what you can do about it – as most people want solutions, not backgrounds… So, here you go: It’s pretty simple, really. What to
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Safari and

Update: If you are interested in how to make work you might want to also read the follow-up: Safari and – How to do it Working on a project these days, I noticed that the only call to in that app did not work in Safari. Looking into it, I found that
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